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Morning day-care

The Center will open at 7:30 am

From then and until the meeting time, they will be looked after by our breakfast, games, etc. staff.



School Food

We offer balanced solid and purée meals, meeting the individual needs of every child, to make them grow strong and healthy.

We guarantee clear information about allergens that meet all the requirements.

We teach our allergic children to share the school canteen and to eat from their plates only, something essential in their next stage in other Schools.

A catering service is in charge of the meals in SENSORY SKILLS Preschool Education Center, ensuring a balanced nutrition and an allergens control.

Our catering provider is a local company specialised in preparing meals for school canteens and nurseries. The different meals are prepared the same day of consumption, handmade, with fresh and natural ingredients (no artificial additives). They meet any children’s need by cooking with different textures and types of food. Also, they serve special meals for allergic children or intolerant to any food (gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, eggs…).

The menus guarantee a proper nutritional intake, so the little ones can reach the end of the day full of energy to study, run, play…

It is important to educate with food. A healthy and balanced diet helps them to avoid problems in the future such as obesity. Also, they get used to the Mediterranean diet.

Our Nutritional Department also prepare menus to those children with other necessities.

We attach a dinner proposal.

Picnic Meal (food from home)

Parents can hire the school canteen service by bringing the food from their homes.

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Afternoon day-care

The Center will close at 19:00h pm

We offer the parents the possibility of hiring the school Play Center from 17 to 18 h.

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Extracurricular activities

Workshops for small groups up to age 12, from Monday to Friday.

Flexible schedule to meet the boys and girls needs of every group.

English workshop (TET)*, from 4 months to age 12. Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. We consider their English proficiency first, and then assign them to the most appropriate level.

Theatre workshop*, from the age of 6. Mondays and Wednesdays.

Yoga Kids*, from the age of 3 and also for adults. Fridays.

Magic workshop*, from the age of 6. Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Art for kids “La Araña”, age 5 to 12. Mondays or Thursdays. FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

Baby Music, live the music! For mums and dads with babies age 0-3 or pregnancy.

Sculpture and clay modelling workshop, from the age of 3. Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Gardening workshop, from the age of 2. Mondays and Wednesdays.

*¡2×1! Since all or part of the workshop is imparted in English. 

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Holiday School

This School puts at your disposal a service during school holiday periods (Christmas, Easter, April Fair, any holiday of the school calendar and July).

This service can be hired for single days, weeks or months (consult the Center Management).

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672 696 343



Management of the Center:

Pedagogical Management:


Santa Clara de Cuba Avenue
Nº 4-Nave 1, 41007 SEVILLE

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The center will be open from 7:30h to 19:00h
Work hours:
  • Personal admission and welcome: 9:00h – 9:30h
  • Programmed activities: 9:30h – 12:30h
  • Lunch, personal cleanliness and rest: 12:30h – 15h
  • Programmed activities and leisure: 15h – 17h
Extended Schedule:
  • Morning day-care classroom: 7:30 – 9:00h
  • Evening day-care classroom: 17:00h – 18:00h

Extracurricular Activities from 16h

We open in July  because our scheduling is based on work calendar, not school calendar.